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At Aguachem Ltd, our rapid solutions cover a vast range of products and services in Salford & other areas of Manchester. This ensures that whatever waste management solution you need, we have you covered.

With fully licensed waste disposal we offer an unbeatable fast service at highly affordable rates. Contact our expert team now for decisive advice followed by the ideal service for you.

For waste management services in Salford & Manchester, please contact Aguachem Ltd. Call us on 01978 664 077.

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Ferrous Chloride

Our professionals at Aguachem Ltd take great pride in the quality and affordability of our ferrous chloride products, making them accessible and versatile. Fit for all the ordinary purposes, the product is known for, from textile dyeing to sewage treatment, you will receive a top-of-the-range product direct from our long-running reliable facility.

This specialist-manufactured product is expertly crafted with efficiency and quality in mind to ensure it is consistently fit for purpose. Until February 2010, we only provided effluent chemicals directly relevant to the trade, now however we can pass on the resulting savings straight to the end user, saving you a generous amount of money.

If you require Ferrous Chloride in the Salford & Manchester areas, please contact our knowledgeable waste management team on 01978 664077 or 0114 3221483. We endeavour to respond to all enquiries as soon as possible. 

Waste Disposal

At Aguachem Ltd, we have the means to provide both tankers and wagons for the purpose of transporting large quantities of waste and packaging. We have the experience required to determine which vehicle is required for the transportation of specific types of waste, ensuring safe and efficient transportation.

No matter the volume of waste which needs moving, we are on hand with our collection service and endeavour to arrive on the day when possible. This ensures the waste is never left to clutter or cause potential hazards.

Our experienced professionals are ready to provide the right solution. Furthermore, if you are unsure how to classify your waste, our specialists will attend your site and test your waste.

We are an upper-tier waste carrier with Natural Resources Wales.

Visit Manchester

Manchester is a major city located in England’s northwest with a rich industrial history, and an 18th-century canal system links to the city’s significant history in textile production. All the city’s history may be explored at the interactive Museum of Science & Industry.

Additionally, the IWM North is the world’s leading museum of war. Explore the huge collection of over 2,000 objects and walk through a timeline that goes right up to the present day.

For football fans, this city is a must-visit, it’s no secret that Manchester loves its football, with the city being home to the most successful team in English football history, Manchester United. On this note, the Manchester United Museum & Stadium Tour is fantastic.

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For more information about Waste Management in Salford & Manchester, contact Aguachem Ltd. Call us on 01978 664077 or 0114 3221483. Alternatively, you can make an enquiry through our contact form and we’ll be in touch.