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Aguachem Ltd is a UK chemical supplier, waste removal, waste-water treatment company and waste management company based in WrexhamSheffield Manchester. Your complete solution to all your chemical and waste disposal needs in the UK. Established in early 2005, we have built up a fantastic reputation over the years for reliability, friendly service and professionalism never cutting corners and ALWAYS working to the highest of standards.

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Waste Disposal Anywhere In The UK

Our offices are ideally located in Wrexham and Sheffield. We are experts in our field and specialise in waste management, waste disposal, water treatment chemicals and tank cleaning.

The company philosophy is to provide total turnkey packages into the industrial sector, supplying wastewater treatment chemicals, all the way to the final disposal. We aim to recycle as much as we can, thus considerably reducing costs and the impact on the environment.

Our Services Include:

  • Removal of Toxic Waste
  • Waste Management
  • Toxic Waste Disposal
  • Flammable Waste Disposal
  • IBC Disposal
  • Chemical Waste Disposal
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Plus much more

New Routes for redundant and out-of-date stock, all backed up with video evidence and/or Certification of Destruction.
Do you have difficult or/and expensive waste streams?

Aguachem has various ideas for today’s problematic wastes. It doesn’t always have to be Hazardous Landfill or Incineration although we can offer reasonable prices for both these options we have other options as well.

Anything from Toxic waters and PCB contaminated wastes/oils to Tannalised Timber we can treat it all.

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If any further information is required on our products or services please contact us by e-mail or telephone 01978 664077.